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​About Nadlan Spain

  Real estate investment experts in Spain

Nadlan Spain is an Israeli real estate investment company established in 2013. We invest and invite additional investors to participate in direct real estate investment opportunities in Spain, focusing on residence, logistics, nursing homes, and tourism sectors.

 It all started in a cold November in 2013. I landed in Spain equipped with knowledge, experience and a strong desire for real estate investment. I left my eldest son, who was just 7 months old at the time, with my wife and took on a carefully planned trip to Spain... 

Our investment sectors in Spain

We began our investment activity in Spain after the ongoing real estate crisis in 2013. Over the years, our activity has developed into additional real estate investment sectors, including tourism, logistics, commerce, and care homes. We operate and specialize in each investment area while integrating highly experienced key partners.

השקעה בנדלן תיירותי בספרד

Tourist real estate in Spain

Investments in properties for tourism use in Spain that combine passive income while creating potential for improvement.

השקעה בנדלן בתי אבות בספרד

Care homes real estate in Spain

Investments in the
third-age purpose real estate sector. Generating ongoing returns while creating additional value.

השקעה בנדלן לוגיסטי בספרד

Logistic real estate in Spain

Investments in logistic and commercial real estate assets in Spain for yielding producing and entrepreneurial value added.

דירות ובניינים להשקעה בספרד, ברצלונה ומדריד

Residential real estate in Spain

Private or joint investments in apartments and residential buildings for yield-producing and added value purposes.

Projects in the Spanish real estate market

Investments in the Spanish real estate market 

We invests in income-producing and added-value projects in the Spanish real estate market, focusing on residential, logistics, care homes, and tourist real estate.

Our team

Our success is based on a team of local professionals who share our values and work at an Israeli pace

Over the years, we have formed an excellent group of first-class professionals, including engineers, bankers, lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, and professional partners. Our success is based on a team game that combines local professionals. Together, we conquer the highest peaks every year.

Market analysis and news

​Using our database built over the years, advanced analysis tools combined with AI, and ongoing market monitoring, we manage to identify investment opportunities in the Spanish real estate market

Our database contains unique information from thousands of transactions and enables advanced analytical tools to filter and identify opportunities from a stream of transactions. At the same time, we always ensure to be updated with Spanish real estate news and current events. Once a month, we share with our community the latest and most influential news headlines in the Spanish real estate market.

Nadlan Spain in the news headlines 

Market reviews and interviews about the company published in the national press

​Since our establishment, We have been an authority in the Israeli market in the field of real estate investments in Spain. Over the years, the company's CEO, Asaf Livnat, has given interviews, lectures, reviews, and market analyses in the economic press and other respectable forums. 

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