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About Nadlan Spain

Spain real estate investment experts

We started to invest in Spanish real estate in 2013, and since then
we have carried out hundreds of real estate transactions.

With extensive experience in real estate investment in Spain, we partner with our investors to identify quality investment opportunities in the Spanish real estate market. We invest in residential, logistics, care homes, and tourism properties.

Why we invest in Spain

Spain is located in a prime location, at the junction between China, the USA, and Europe. It is a democratic, liberal western country open to foreign investments and has a treaty to prevent double taxation with Israel.

Spain is the 4th economy in Europe and the 14th in the world, ranked 13th in attracting foreign investment, with 70% of the 100 largest firms in the world operating in Spain. It enjoys an annual flow of more than 75 million tourists, positive growth, and a 4-fold doubling of its export volume in 20 years. The main challenge faced by the Spanish real estate market focuses on the need for more housing units in the areas of demand. The difficulty in providing affordable housing to residents led to limiting the scope of tourist apartments and government intervention designed to moderate the sharp rent increase.


CEO's Perspective

7K5A1722 1.jpg

It all started in a cold November in 2013. I landed in Spain equipped with the knowledge and experience of a decade in real estate investments, 5 years in the management of construction projects, and a strong desire for real estate investments. I left my eldest son, who was 7 months old, with my wife and set off on a planned trip to Spain.

I saw an opportunity in a bruised and bleeding real estate market that suffered from 5 years of depression after a prolonged economic crisis. In a short time, I began to purchase small properties with a limited circle of investors. It took only a short time until I founded a real estate investment company in Spain, recruited a local team, and started to hunt after more significant projects. 


Since then, I had two more sons, the circle of investors expanded, and the company managed to invest, improve, rent, and sell hundreds of properties on Spanish soil. From purchasing individual apartments and their improvement, we continued to carry out improvement projects of existing buildings and, from there, purchased land and ground-up construction. Along with hunting opportunities in the private market, we bought foreclosed properties from banks and companies. Over the years, apart from investments in the residential sector, the company expanded to investments in logistics, nursing homes, and tourism.

We are excited to continue growing our real estate investment company in Spain and strengthen our position as the leading provider of investment opportunities in Spain.


The values that lead me and the company are doing things out of passion, professionalism, and creativity.


Asaf Livnat, founder and CEO 

 Real estate is a team game

With an excellent Israeli-Spanish team full of passion for action, outstanding professionals, and a strong core of investors, we succeed every year in becoming better, sharper, and more professional. 

Over the years, we have formed a skilled team working alongside engineers, architects, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and professional partners who share the same world of values with us. Thanks to teamwork and a strong core of investors, we conquer new peaks every year.

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