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The change that saves a lot of time and money for apartment owners in Spain - must read

Today, apartment owners who are not residents of Spain pay

A change in the manner and frequency of income tax reporting in Spain improves the situation of apartment owners.

The vast majority of Israeli landlords who rent apartments in Spain prefer to use the services of a local CPA, sometimes through the management company, in order for it to report for them its rental income using MOD210 and take care of the quarterly payment for them directly or offset by the management company. Few prefer to do this themselves and this save about €60 + VAT on each report which is an average rate for this type of service. When it comes to a report that takes place once a quarter, if the apartment was empty during the year,

Tax reporting on rental income in Spain
Tax reporting on rental income in Spain

The change that will save you money - annual reporting and an interface for making payments independently

Starting in February 2024, the Spanish Tax Authority issued a refreshing change that allows reporting and payment for rental income once a year. The report must be submitted at the end of the year, during the submission period that will last 20 days from January 1, 2025 to January 20, 2025.


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