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Accessibility statement

Nadlan Spain considers it very important to make the information and services accessible on the site and acts according to the guidelines of the Israeli accessibility laws.

In order to adapt the website to all users and their needs, we have invested many resources in planning that will allow availability, comfort, and user-friendliness for the entire population as well as for people with disabilities. The company operates in accordance with the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standard 5568 - "Guidelines for Internet content accessibility" to level AA. This Israeli standard is the same as the guidelines document of the international organization that deals with standards on the web - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. 

It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, parts of the site may be discovered that are not yet accessible. Therefore, it is important for us to emphasize that the company is in the process of improving the site's accessibility as part of our commitment to allow its use by the entire population, including people with disabilities. The documents are made accessible in accordance with the requirements of the regulations subject to the exemptions provided by the legislator. If you come across a file that is not accessible and you need an accessible format, please contact the accessibility coordinator, and we will deliver an accessible version as soon as possible.

Some of the means of accessibility 

Normality - The site is supported by the common browsers, including their latest version, and adapted for use on mobile devices.

Increasing the display on the website - Surfers who have difficulty seeing and wish to enlarge the display on the site can do so by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl and + (control and plus). Each pressing of these two keys will increase the display by 10%. To reduce the display, press simultaneously on The keys Ctrl and - (control and minus).

Access to pages -Each column on the site was given at least two different approaches 

Dividing the content in a way that makes it easier to read - A clear and large font is used on all pages of the site, including the home page, and the large amount of information offered on the site is divided into main and secondary categories (at the top of the home page), prominent colors and images are used that make it easier for the user to organize the information. 

means of communication on the website

The company's phone number is found in a number of places on the site:

  • At the bottom of the website, that appears on all website pages, in addition to the links to the company's Facebook and YouTube pages.

  • On the "Contact Us" page, together with details of the location of the offices and hours of operation, as well as a place to fill out an application form.

  • At the bottom of the site is the office address.

Accessibility arrangements to the company's offices

Our office is located at 1 Ben Gurion Street, BSR 2, Bnei Brak

With prior coordination with the company, it is possible to reserve accessible parking spaces in the building itself for customers with disabilities.

Coordinator Negico

You can contact the accessibility officer in the office on the following issues:

  • If it is found that certain information on the website requires additional accessibility adjustments.

  • Submitting a request to access information found on the website and is not obligated to access it.


Contact information

oordinator's name: Eve, Office Manager

Phone: 03-550-8707


The accessibility statement was updated on 08/18/23

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