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Investments of 25 million euros are expected in 2024 - Nadlan Spain in the Spanish press.

An article published on the Spanish economic website El Mercantil on 9/19/23 about the investment activity of Nadlan Spain in Spain. As part of the article, the logistics real estate project was presented adjacent to Amazon's logistics center in Logis Far El Emporda. The project, marketed exclusively by the international real estate consulting company Colliers, recently received a permit and is starting the earthworks tender.

In the article, Livnat talks about the company's investment activity in the logistics real estate sector in Spain and the changes in the market. Following the economic changes, more logistics companies are looking for short-term solutions. This contrasts with more stable periods, which allowed companies to act strategically for longer periods. This is why we worked to issue a permit that would shorten the project's delivery time. As part of the permit, we designed a warehouse that can be rented in several modules, with flexibility for renting from one tenant to four tenants." Levant also noted: "We are working to continue investing in logistics, residences, and nursing homes in Spain during 2024 and expect our investment portfolio to reach 25 million euros this year."

Lack of logistics areas available for construction

Director of the industry and logistics branch Oriol Gual of the Colliers company added, "There is a limited availability of land available for logistics use, and this is a big challenge for the demand in the logistics industry in Catalonia


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