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Asaf Livnet to Globes: "How do we recognize opportunities due to Covid."

Assaf Livnet, in an interview with Globes and the "Money in the Wall" podcast from Globes. The Influence of Corona virus on the real estate market in Spain

After the Covid disabled the Spanish real estate market for two months, Spain is currently implementing its exit strategy. Now the question is how the market will react real estate investments abroad in general and the real estate market in Spain in particular due to COVID-19. Is it time to seize investment opportunities in Barcelona and Madrid? Are there any interesting opportunities for buying apartments and buildings in Barcelona and Madrid now? There is no doubt that Corona will have an economic impact on Spain, but it is not clear how the real estate market will react and when.

אסף לבנת בגלובס - השקעות בתקופת קורונה
Asaf Livnat - National Israeli Economic news Podcasts

Spain in the exit strategy from the corona, is it time to start buying?

In Spain, more than 26,000 people have died due to the corona virus so far. Everyone who arrives in Spain is required to stay in isolation for two weeks. Which leads to investors and tourists being reluctant to travel to Spain a These days we are mainly working on the formation of investor groups in order to prepare and respond quickly as soon as we manage to locate opportunities. But, we are not in a hurry to inform investors to transfer to money before we have certainty that we can produce attractive investments. We have time to breathe, we choose to work patiently and wait rather than act impulsively. Not every deal that comes to us by email with the title "Covid19 Property" is a deal that meets the definition of a bargain. We are definitely looking for bargains in specific avenues of residence and tourism in Barcelona and Madrid. We believe that these are the areas that will create opportunities and will be good and safe investments over time.

The full article in Globes - National economic newspaper

Assaf Livnat - Real estate investments in Spain during the Corona period
Asaf Livnat - Real estate investments in Spain - Durin Covid 17/5/2020


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